Recipe Kampung Style Fried Rice


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Kampung Style Fried Rice Recipe. The most wanted recipe ever after. This is the simple recipe that all can prepared well. Even, my niece can also prepare this dish as early as 10 years old. And the taste is also marvelous.

To prepare the Kampung Fried Rice, you just need an overnight cooked  rice to make it delicious. If not, your fried rice is just normal, not special.

I have done this recipe thousand of times due to high demand from my parents. Hihi.., they all like the recipe, with ikan bilis inside.

Recipe Kampung Style Fried Rice


2 bowl Cooked rice


½ medium sized onion
1 shallot
2 cloves garlic
4 birds eye chilli (the ones that I bought are not spicy, so, please adjust this according to own’s preference)
1 heaped Tbsp dried anchovies/ikan bilis
1tbsp cooking oil


½ cup finely sliced long beans (not green beans )
1 large handful of water convolvulus (kangkung)
2 cups packed cooked rice
2 eggs
2 Tbsp dried anchovies (I use them dry, unwashed, so that they can be fried to a crisp)
3 Tbsp oil
1 tsp salt


1. Puree everything in (A) except oil. If you can’t get it smooth, add the oil, stir and blend again. It’ll get finer.

2. Heat wok on medium heat. Put in oil and fry anchovies until golden, drain and dish up.

3. With remaining oil in wok, put in (A) and 1 tsp salt and carefully fry it until it turns golden.

4. Put in rice and turn the heat on high. Toss until it looks even, push the rice aside.

5. Crack your eggs and put it in the center. Spread the eggs around. Immediately push the rice onto the eggs and toss the rice, making sure the eggs at the bottom are all brought up and broken up. Fry for a while.

6. Put long beans into rice and toss for 15 seconds, followed by water convolvulus. Toss again for 5 seconds, not too long. Dish up and serve.

Haha.. finished.

The Kampung Fried Rice has been ready to eat. Have a happy breakfast with your family. But fried rice is not for breakfast only nowadays, you can order the food anytime and anywhere. Its high demand food.. Haha

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